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Welcome   To   My   World!

Now you've done it!

You have entered a site all about the wonder that is me. OK honey, it's about you too... Either way, sit back, Relax and Enjoy the ride!

OK, so this site isn't that intresting but give me a break, I'm new at this. But one day, and maybe soon, you'll check back and be amazed.
It could happen! Seriously... stop laughing!

In order to provide you with the best flavor this site has been Shaken, Not Stirred

Ha Ha, No this is not me!!!

This is Gus. Him and I have been together for about 9 yr's and he has been a great pal.
(Shut up! I know that sounded a little corny)
Although he resembles a small horse I assure you he is a dog. He, however, may disagree.

If you think you know what kind of dog he is, take a guess. Good luck!
Click here or sign my guestbook to answer.

A   little   About   Us!

If you couldn't tell, "I" am now an "us"
But yes, I'm still a jerk! Not really, just a smart ass. Can you believe I actuall got someone to marry me???
Not only did I get a girl to marry me but she was my best friend. And it was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Now the Introductions:
My name is Jason, I am now to old to even mention... let's just say it no longer begins with a 2. My beautiful bride is Rebecca and she is 5 years my senior. You do the math!
We, live in Michigan (The state that looks like a mitten). Do ya know it? Do ya, Do ya?

We were married August, 2003 and had the best time. Beautiful ceremony, beautiful day, all shared with friends and family. Oh yeah and a wonderfully stocked bar... Just ask my best man. Here's a shout to you Brent!!!

K, I'm bored talking about Becky and myself so if you wanna know more, you might want to lay off the drugs. We're not that interesting. But if you want to see a few pics of me and some friends, click the link titled "My Pictures" in my link area.

The rest of this site has some cool pictures and interesting links so check it out....

Because it felt so good the first '2' times

"Back 2 Back Stanley Cup Champions 97/98 & 02"

Intrested in becoming a man with class? Follow the Links Below

Lambda Chi Alpha International Fraternity: Where boys become men!!!
Maxim Magazine: Rookies start here. This magazine gives insight of what they think is in or out. I tend to agree.
Banana Republic: This is the best place to pick up casual/business casual clothing.
POLO: Need I say more??? Well I guess I should say at least 4 more words; "it's about freakin time"! It took the millennium to bring about a polo website. Welcome to the 21st century Ralph.
Abercrombie & Fitch: This is the place to get the "out of work" and weekend clothes.
Dave Matthews Band: Need I say more? If I do, please tell me exactly what part of BFE you're from!
SAAB: Now this is the perfect definition of Style and Class.
The Virtual Bar: An all around great site which includes Bartending basics, Hangover information, and some cool bar tricks.
Ramen Noodles: The staple food of dorm life. Great cure for the late night munchies!!!
My Pictures: A few pictures of me and my friends doing what we do best. Party!!!.

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