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Me   and   the   boys,   We   make   noise!!!

I'm sorry, We couldn't make it to the phone so after the beep please leave a message and we'll return your call as soon as we can.
How many times a day do you hear this type of message? Ever wonder where they are? What they're doing?
Here is what me, my wife and a few our friends have been up to.
Sorry we couldn't make it to the phone, we're having too   much   fun!!!

Me (Left) patiently waiting for the Jager!!!
Matt (center) Not sharing!
Aaron (standing) Being himself!

Steve .............Allen.............Jerry.................Nattie
Sipping a few beers and watching the fire burn. Oh how we love this activity!!!

Me on my Ninja 600 (left)_....._Jefff on his GSXR 750 (Right)
What a great summer!!!
Neither of us have our bikes anymore. Jeff's was stolen in Denver, CO and mine was broken in half. I was at a stand still; waiting for a car to make a left when a truck hit me doing 50mph. Needless to say most of my family is pretty adamant about me not getting another one. Especially the wife. We'll see!!!!

Mom, Dad...we finally did it
At friday's before the big event (it's how we made it through college)!!!

Becky & I at the Grand Traverse Resort in Travers City, MI

From The Big Day
Becky & I cutting the cake.
A very special thank you to Aunt Patty for making such a beautiful and delcious cake.

My Best Men!!!
From bottom to top; Nick (bro), Darren (bro), Aaron, Jeff, Brad, Brent and Me.
I will always remember this day and so glad that they were all apart of it! .

2004 Vacation to San Francisco, CA
After a day of wine tasting in Napa Valley... Yummmmmmm!

Another San Fran Vacation Pic
The long lines are worth the historic experience!!!